The Politics of Racism in France

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November 1998



This book traces the rise of the French National Front and presents an analysis of the organisation's origins, structure and doctrine which concludes that the Le Pen phenomenon represents a modern and sophisticated form of fascism. The authors offer a critical assessment of how political parties and anti-racist organisations have responded to the National Front's exploitation of the immigration issue and examine the political arguments accompanying the reception of foreign workers and their families by French society during the twentieth century.


Introduction The Republic and Her Immigrants The National Front Breakthrough, 1981-88 Le Pen and the Extremist Tradition Anatomy of a Fascist Party: Ideology, Strategy, Organisation Youth and Anti-Racism In and Against the System, the Third Force in French Politics Where Do We Go From Here? Acknowledgements


PETER FYSH is Senior Lecturer in French at Nottingham Trent University. He previously taught at Brunel and Aston Universities. He has published articles on the National Front in major journals, including Modern and Contemporary France and Parliamentary Affairs as well as articles and book chapters on Gaullism and the French right. JIM WOLFREYS is Lecturer in French at King's College London. He has written a number of articles in academic journals and books on the French extreme right. The Politics of Racism in France is his first book.


'This is an excellent book and probably the best available English- language history of the Front National.' - David Renton, Contemporary Politics

'...comprehensive study of racism in France explaining clearly how the National Front has come to be such a threat.' - Andy Stafford, Socialist Review
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