Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East

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In 1967 Moscow created a Middle Eastern crisis in response to Washington's escalation in Vietnam. America's Asian focus had left her Atlantic flank vulnerable to Soviet penetration. Israel refused to plant her flag in Saigon, American rabbis led the peace movement and the President threatened to withdraw his support for Israel. The Palestinians embarked on a Vietnamese inspired 'people's war' and Moscow interpreted Israeli retaliation as support for US policy in Vietnam. The Six Day War turned Israel into a Soviet nuclear target and transformed some liberals into Neo-Conservatives.


Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations THE BURIED STORY THE STAGE IS SET The Plan Israel Says No On the Front Line of the Anti-War Movement THE COLLISION American Frustration The New Israeli Foreign Policy Vietnam as a Jewish Problem BLOW UP No Second Front The Fateful Hour Lonelier and Angrier THE DIE IS CAST Vietnam and/or the Middle East Jewish Sparta Organizing the Homefront LINKAGES Index


JUDITH A. KLINGHOFFER is the co-author of Israel and the Soviet Union: Alienation or Reconciliation (1985), she is a winner of the 1990 Elise Boulding Award and the President of Global Perspectives Cross-Cultural Consultants. She received her undergraduate degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and her PhD in diplomatic history from Rutgers University. She taught at Rowan University, and was a visiting Lecturer at the Foreign affairs College in Beijing and a Fulbright Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark.


Judith Klinghoffer has written a provocative, wide-ranging study of the Six Day War and its relationship to broader currents of international, Israeli and American politics in the years 1966-68. David Kaiser for H-Diplo, H-Net Reviews ...an important work. -MESA Bulletin, Anthony O. Edmonds
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