Workshop Calculus with Graphing Calculators: Guided Exploration with Review

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Juni 1999



Based on the use of graphing calculators by students enrolled in calculus, there is enough material here to cover precalculus review, as well as first-year single variable calculus topics. Intended for use in workshop-centered calculus courses, and developed as part of the well-known NSF-sponsored project, the text is for use with students in a math laboratory, instead of a traditional lecture course. There are student-oriented activities, experiments and graphing calculator exercises throughout the text. The authors themselves are well-known teachers and constantly striving to improve undergraduate mathematics teaching.


Preface: To the Instructor.- Preface: To the Student.- Unit 5: Derivatives and Integrals : First Pass.- Unit 6: Derivatives: The Calculus Approach.- Unit 7: Definite Integrals: The Calculus Approach.- Unit 8: Methods of Integration.- Unit 9: Using Differentiation and Integration.- Appendix A: Using the TI-83 Graphing Calculator in Workshop Calculus.- Appendix B: Table of Integrals.- Index.
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