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April 1999



In the history of interpretation the letter of James has been marginalized and compared unfavorably with the writings of Paul. "James" argues for an important canonical role for James, not subordinate to Paul, but a complementary scriptural voice. Richard Baukham explores the historical and literary context of the text, discussing the significance of James as the brother of Jesus and leader of the early Jerusalem church.

Major themes of James--wholeness, poverty, speech, ethics and prayer--are explored in relation to the current contexts of the contemporary reader of James.


Richard Bauckham is Professor of New Testamnet Studies at the University of St Andrews. He is the author of The Theology of the Book of Revelation (1993)


It is refreshing to see a biblical scholar who is willing to address theological and social problems so explicitly in his work and who can do so in such a competent manner... this is an important contribution to the study of the letter of James and merits the attention of scholars working in the field... [It] will appeal to a wide variety of readers, from those in ministry to people with a general interest in biblical studuies.
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