Images of Lust: Sexual Carvings on Medieval Churches

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Mai 1993



From the famous sheela-na-gigs, through all forms of exhibitionists-mermaids, centaurs, misers and priapic figures--extraordinary sculptures considered "obscene" by today's standards may be found on churches in Britain, Ireland, France and Spain. This book examines their origins and purposes and sees them not as sacrilegious figures, or symbols, nor even as idols of ancient pre-Christian religions, but as serious works that dealt with the sexual customs and salvation of medieval folk, and thus gave support to the church's moral teachings.


Introduction, 1. Sheela-na-gig, 2. Ugly as Sin, 3. The Romanesque Background, 4. The Entertainers, 5. Mermaids, Centaurs and Other Hybrid Monsters, 6. La Femme aux Serpents, L'homme aux Serpents and L'avare, 7. Disgust for the Flesh, 8. More Priapic Figures, 9. Rude Gestures and Ruder Postures, 10. More Female Exhibitionists, 11. The Distribution of Sexual Carvings, 12. Exhibitionists and Folklore, Epilogue, Bibliography, Gazetteer, Index.


James Jerman, after retiring from the School of Education at Leicester University, continues to be a part-time tutor in local history in the Department of Adult Education. Anthony Weir is a freelance photographer and artist and travelled widely in Europe to draw illustrations and take photographs for this book.
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