The Social and Religious Designs of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

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Juli 1999



"Michael Marissen's new and largely persuasive conceptions do much to increase our awareness of Bach's historical environment and his tendency to reformulate the conventions of his day. . . . The basic points of his book will appeal to a wide range of readers concerned with eighteenth-century studies."--John Butt, University of California, Berkeley
"A superb study that accomplishes more than many much longer books. While the Brandenburg concertos have often been examined by musicologists, they have not really been taken seriously as cultural texts. Marissen makes it very clear that this kind of interpretive work is crucial if we are to understand music's historical and cultural significance."--Susan McClary, University of California, Los Angeles


Introduction: Bach's Musical Contexts3
Ch. 1Relationships between Scoring and Structure in Individual Concertos11
The First Brandenburg Concerto16
The First Movement of the Sixth Brandenburg Concerto35
The Fourth Brandenburg Concerto62
Ch. 2The Six Concertos as a Set77
Ch. 3Lutheran Belief and Bach's Music111
Appendix 1: Text-Critical Notes on Early Copies of the Sixth Brandenburg Concerto121
Appendix 2: Notes on Bach's Notation of the Gamba Parts in the Margrave of Brandenburg's Dedication Score129
Works Cited135


Full of important and closely argued discussions of individual aspects of chronology, source criticism, musical structure, and [Bach's] biographical background.... [Marissen] is very informative on analytical and historical points, effectively demolishing many received beliefs, especially regarding chronology and source filiation.
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