Hate Crimes: New Social Movements and the Politics of Violence

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September 2007



Violence directed at victimied groups because of their real or imagined characteristics is as old as humankind. Why, then, have hate crimes only recently become recognied as a serious social problem, especially in the United States? This book addresses a timely set of questions about the politics and dynamics of intergroup violence manifested as discrimination. Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health noted that, This book provides a helpful account of how the social groups in the U.S. have responded to the social scourge of hate crime. It offers a clear and valuable explanation of this complex problem.


"Hate crimes, violence directed against religious, racial, and ethnic groups, also finds women and homosexuals as victims. Each of these has resulted in "social movement" groups organized to fight such violence. The authors identified 32 gay and lesbian organizations and 36 feminist groups that have responded to hate crimes. Data collected from these organizations consists of newsletters, reports, articles in newspapers, pamphlets, conference agendas, and the like. Treating this material as 68 case studies, the authors then compare the organizations with respect to their histories of reacting to violence and describe an evolutionary process of movement formation, agenda development, and action... Graduate, faculty." --D. Harper, Choice "[P]rovide[s] the reader with a better understanding of the social constructions of hate crimes... Its authors describe the process by which affected groups have defined hate crimes as a social problem worthy of attention, and they place the social construction of hate crimes within an appropriate historical and sociological context. Through their extensive study of grassroots antiviolence projects emerging from the civil rights, women's, and lesbian and gay movements, they document the process by which violence against certain groups becomes visible, gets framed as a problem, and becomes transformed into condemnable criminal conduct." --Jeanine C. Cogan and Camille Preston, Signs "Jenness and Broad relied upon the constructionist framework to analyze the ways in which hate crimes and the victims of bias incidents are recognized, identified, and labeled through the formation and continued development of social movements, collective action frames and claim-making activities... A number of illuminating points make this monograph an important contribution to the study of hate crimes, organizations, and social movements... This monograph is a valuable resource for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, scholars
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