Islands in Time: Island Sociogeography and Mediterranean Prehistory

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Juni 1996



"Islands in Time" explores the ecological and cultural development of prehistoric island societies, considers the prehistory of the Mediterranean and offers an explanation of the effects of isolation on the development of human communities.
This study details the fundamental questions that are raised about colonization processes, the human impact on ecosystems, cultural development on islands, and the significance of inter-island and island-mainland interaction. Evidence is drawn from a broad range of Mediterranean islands, including Cyprus, Crete and the Cyclades, Malta, Lipari, Corsica and Sardinia. Developing a general theoretical model of island sociogeography, "Islands in Time" provides insight into the broader question of how island populations inter-relate with their environments.


'This is an innovative and indeed, thought provoking book exploring the ecological and cultural development of prehistoric island societies ... It is a book for both the archaeologist and anthropologist, and is admirable in making them aware of each others fields of study, but more importantly, the interaction between them that is of tremendous value to both.' - Minerva 'It offers a well-written, wide-ranging and up-to-date coverage of important themes in Mediterranean prehistory, and a critical development of the starting point in Island biogeograophy. It reads well and will be much used.' - Landscape History 'Patton's book is both timely and welcome because it compiles and summarizes much of the research in Mediterranean island biography, and thereby provides a good introduction to the subject.' - Thomas F.Strasser, California State University
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