Islam in Britain, 1558 1685

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Juni 2004



This book examines the impact of Islam on early modern Britain. Christian-Muslim interaction at this time was not, as is often thought, primarily adversarial; rather, there was extensive cultural, intellectual and missionary engagement with Islam. Professor Matar investigates the impact of the Qur'an and sufism on the people of Britain, showing that the British interacted widely with Islamic religion, culture and people through travel, in London coffee houses, in church, among converts to and from Islam, in sermons and in plays.


Acknowledgements; Transcription; Introduction: Islam in early modern Britain; 1. 'Turning Turke': conversion to Islam in English writings; 2. The renegade on stage and in church; 3. 'Arabia Britannica': 'Alcoran' and the legacy of Arabic Islam; 4. 'Baptising the Turk': conversion to Christianity in English writings; 5. Eschatology and the Saracens; Conclusion: Islam and Britain: centripetal to centrifugal; Bibliography; Index.


'The origins of both British attitudes to Islam are charted in Nabil Matar's brilliant and gripping study, an astonishing compendium of groundbreaking research whose very title is a measure of quite how original and surprising this book is ... but it is also warmly and wittily written and, unusually for a heavyweight academic book, enormously readable and accessible. It is certainly the most surprising book I have read for many months. William Dalrymple, The Sunday Times ' ... a treasure trove of a book ... this will appeal not only to scholars, but also to those who like their history to consist primarily of facts and evidence, and only secondarily of theories.' Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph 'I recommend you beg, borrow or steal a copy of this book, not just for yourself to read, but to send to anyone whose anti-Turkish prejudices overcome their intelligence.' David Carter, Cyprus Today
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