Modern Arabic Literature

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This volume provides an authoritative survey of creative writing in Arabic from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day.


Editorial note; Chronological table of events; Map of the Arab world; 1. Introduction: I. The background M. M. Badawi; II. Translations and adaptations 1834-1914 Pierre Cachia; 2. The Neo-classical Arabic poets S. Somekh; 3. The Romantic poets R. C. Ostle; 4. Modernist poetry in Arabic Salma Khadra Jayyusi; 5. The beginnings of the Arabic novel Roger Allen; 6.The mature Arabic novel outside Egypt Roger Allen; 7. The Egyptian novel from Zaynab to 1980 Hilary Kilpatrick; 8. The modern Arabic short story Sabry Hafez; 9. Arabic drama: early developments M. M. Badawi; 10. Arabic drama since the thirties Ali Al-Ra'i; 11. The prose stylists Pierre Cachia; 12. The critics Pierre Cachia; 13. Arab women writers Miriam Cooke; 14. Poetry in the vernacular Marilyn Booth; Bibliography; Index.


"Unprecedented in its monumental range and scale this book is a valuable and welcome addition to the growing body of scholarly works in English that deal with modern Arabic literature...A keen awareness of the intimate relation between modern Arabic literature and the other discursive practices and discourses that shape modern Arab identity permeates the chapters of the book...This is a major source of valuable information and critical acumen that will stand in good stead every student of modern Arabic literature, including, or perhaps especially, those genuinely interested in literary theory." Journal of Arabic Literature "Badawi's work certainly fills a gap in the field and should be a useful tool for students of Arabic literature and a valuable reference for all interested scholars." Journal of the American Oriental Society
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