Culture on the Margins: The Black Spiritual and the Rise of American Cultural Interpretation

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Juli 1999



"A splendid and important book that clearly establishes Jon Cruz as one of the most significant cultural sociologists of his generation. The scope, depth, and originality of his theoretical analysis contributes to the general project of understanding cultural production, cultural 'objects, ' and cultural interpretation and appropriation. The richness of his deployment of historical materials--whether travel diaries, sermons, or early journal articles--brings his analytic framework alive. Because his book engages crucial debates in history, ethnic studies, and cultural studies as well as in sociology, it should have a wide readership among academics in many fields."--Elizabeth Long, Rice University


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ix Introduction 3 ONE The Conundrum of Authenticity 19 TWO Sound Barriers and Sound Management 43 THREE From Objects to Subjects 67 FOUR From Authentic Subjects to Authentic Culture 99 FIVE From Testimonies to Artifacts 124 SIX Institutionalizing Ethnosympathy 164 SEVEN Conclusion 189 EPILOGUE 200 NOTES 207 BIBLIOGRAPHY 259 SUBJECT INDEX 275 SONGS CITED INDEX 289


"Culture on the Margins brilliantly [unravels] ... a crucial strand in the history of how the white investment in the black came to organize not only culture and politics in the United States but also social science...This theoretically exigent and beautifully written account also turns on claims about the meaning and use of spirituals for the slaves. For the emergence and disappearance of the black subject is the hinge of the story Cruz has to tell."--Michael Rogin, American Journal of Sociology
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