Stuck in Neutral: Business and the Politics of Human Capital Investment Policy

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A masterful analysis of business and government that adds up to an explanation of American social policy-past, present, and future. Cathie Jo Martin describes the institutional dynamics of corporate politics while eloquently catching the voices and the aspirations of business men and women. Stuck in Neutral is wise, balanced, engaging, persuasive, theoretically sophisticated, and entirely unexpected in its conclusions.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ix LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS xi Introduction 3 ONE Business and the Politics of Human Capital Investment 20 TWO A Century of Business Involvement in Social Provision 65 THREE Nature or Nurture? Company Preferences for National Health Reform 94 Appendix to Chapter Three FOUR On the Bus: Business Organization in Training and Work-Family Issues 139 FIVE The Least-Common-Denominator Business Community: Corporate Engagement with Health Policy 168 SIX United We Stand: Corporate Engagement with Training Policy 190 SEVEN An Affair to Remember: Small Business and the Republican Party against Family Leave 219 EIGHT Implications for Our Economic Future 240 INDEX 257


"Whether big business has been stuck in neutral or just parked beside issues of secondary interest, Martin's book encourages us to review what we think we know about business and the policy process."--Neil J. Mitchell, Governance
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