A History of Women's Writing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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An introduction to, and overview of, women's writing in German-speaking countries from the Middle Ages to the present day.


Introduction; Part I. Beginnings to 1700: 1. The Middle Ages Margaret Ives and Almut Suerbaum; 2. Women's writing in the early modern period Helen Watanabe O'Kelly; Part II. The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: 3. The Enlightenment Lesley Sharpe; 4. Revolution, Romanticism, Restoration Judith Purver; Women's writing 1830-1890 Pat Howe; 6. Political writing and women's journals: the 1848 Revolutions Petra Boden; Part III 'Coming of age': 1890-1945: 7. The struggle for emancipation Chris Weedon; 8. Trends in writing by women 1910-1933 Sabine Werner-Birkenbach; 9. Women's writing under National Socialism Agnes Cardinal; 10. Writing in exile Sonja Hilzinger; Part IV. Post-war, East and West: 11. Restoration and resistance: women's writing 1945-1970 Margaret Littler; 12. GDR women writers Ricarda Schmidt; 13. Post-1945 women's poetry from East and West Karen Leeder; 14. Feminism, Frauenliterature, and women's writing of the 1970s and 80s Angelika Bammer; 15. Women's writings in Germany since 1989 Anna K. Kuhn; 16. Writing about women writing in German: postcript and perspectives Elizabeth Boa; Guides to further reading; Bibliographical guide to writers and their works.


'It is not only hugely and authoritatively informative, but well-written and up to date ... an invaluable reference work ... a book that belongs on the bookshelves of everyone with a serious interest in German literature, in gender issues, or in women's cultural history and writing more generally'. Forum for Modern Language Studies
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