Statistics and Data Analysis: From Elementary to Intermediate [With Disk]

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Introducing the concepts and methods of modern statistics with an emphasis on computer assisted data analysis, the book focuses on interpretation of results rather than their computation. Review of probability, collecting data, summarizing and exploring data, sampling distributions of statistics, basic concepts of inference, linear regression and correlation, analysis of single factor and multifactor Experiments.


1. Introduction. 2. Review of Probability. 3. Collecting Data. 4. Summarizing and Exploring Data. 5. Sampling Distributions of Statistics. 6. Basic Concepts of Inference. 7. Inferences for Single Samples. 8. Inferences for Two Samples. 9. Inferences for Proportions and Count Data. 10. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation. 11. Multiple Linear Regression. 12. Analysis of Single Factor Experiments. 13. Analysis of Multifactor Experiments. 14. Nonparametric Statistical Methods. 15. Likelihood, Bayesian and Decision Theory Methods. Appendix A: Tables. Appendix B: Abbreviated Answers to Selected Odd Numbered Exercises. Index.
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