Image and Mind: Film, Philosophy and Cognitive Science

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Oktober 2004



This is a book about the nature of film: about the nature of moving images, about the viewer's relation to film, and about the kinds of narrative that film is capable of presenting. It represents a very decisive break with the semiotic and psychoanalytic theories of film that have dominated discussion over the past twenty years. Professor Currie provides a general theory of pictorial narration and its interpretation in both pictorial and linguistic media, and concludes with an analysis of some ways in which film narrative and literary narrative differ.


Introduction: the essence of cinema; Part I: Representation in Film; 1. The myth of illusion; 2. The imprint of nature; 3. Realism; 4. Languages of art and languages of film; Part II: Imagination; 5. Imagination, the general theory; 6. Imagination, personal and impersonal; 7. Travels in narrative time; Part III: Interpretation; 8. The interpretative problem; 9. Narrative and narrators.


"Currie is often provocative, as when he analyzes the nature of film images and when he criticizes the theory of 'suture.'" Choice "In this important and impressive book, Gregory Currie tackles several fundamental topics in the philosophy of film and says much of general interest about the nature of imagination...Currie's book is a major contribution to the developing field of the philosophy of film, and also has important things to say about aesthetics and the philosophy of mind. It deserves to be widely read and admired." Berys Gaut, The Philosophical Review
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