Robin Hood in Popular Culture: Violence, Transgression, and Justice

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Presents studies of varied aspects of Robin Hood legends and associated topics: the greenwood, archery, outlawry, and response to the legends.


Theme park tales from Nottingham, Frank Abbott; Robin Hood and Green Arrow - outlaw bowmen in the modern urban landscape, Sarah Beach; red Robin - the radical politics of Richard Carpenter's Robin of Sherwood, Laura Blunk; longbow archery and the earliest Robin Hood legends, Kelly DeVries; Robin Hood -the genesis of a popular hero, R.B. Dobson; a voice from the Hood, or adventures in the green trade - a convulsion in seven fits, Michael R. Eaton; Robin Hood on film - moving beyond a swashbuckling stereotype, Kevin J. Harty; horseplay - Robin Hood, Guy of Gisborne and the neg(oti)ation of the bestial, Stuart Kane; which way to the forest? directions in Robin Hood studies, Stephen Knight; the heirs/errors of "Ivanhoe" - Robin Hood in pre- and post-modern fiction, David Lampe; the ties that bind - outlaw and community in the Robin Hood ballads and the "Romance of Eustace the Monk", Bernard Lumpkin; and the "Reel" Maid Marian?, Sherron Lux; playing the game - reconstructing "Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham", John Marshall; the "Marchaunt" of Sherwood - mercantile ideology in "A Gest of Robyn Hode", Thomas H. Ohlgren; disguising and revealing the female hero's identity - cross-dressing in the ballad of "Robin Hood and Maid Marian", Evelyn Perry; forest, town and road - the significance of places and names in some Robin Hood texts, Helen Phillips; Sherwood Forest and the Byronic Robin Hood, Lois Potter; in the Sheriff's court - Robin Hood and American jurisprudence, or, who is this Robin Hood and why are all those lawyers saying nasty things about him?, Marcus A.J. Smith and Julian Wasserman; Lords of the Wildwood - the Wild Man, the Green Man and Robin Hood, Lorraine K. Stock; Robin Hood musicals in 18th-century London, Linda Troost; Murayama's "Robin Hood" - the most radical variant in Japan, Yoshiko Ueno; Robin Hood in Cheltenham, Gary Yershon.
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