Comparing Postcolonial Literatures

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Juni 2000



Bringing together a range of critics working on the hispanic and francophone as well as anglophone post-colonial regions, this book aims to dislocate some of the commonly accepted cultural, linguistic and geographical boundaries that have previously informed post-colonial studies. Collected essays include: cross-cultural comparisons from areas as diverse as Africa, Ireland and Latin America; analysis of specific texts as sites of border conflict; and revisions of post-colonial theoretical frameworks. A timely questioning of the categories of a critical field at the point when it is becoming increasingly comparative, this volume seeks to suggest more dynamic ways of working in post-colonial cultural studies.


Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Introduction; A.Bery & P.Murray PART
I: ON THE BORDER Postcolonial Studies in Ireland; C.L.Innes Crossing the Hyphen of History: The Scottish Borders of Anglo-Irishness; W.Maley The Politics of Hybridity: Some Problems with Crossing the Border; G.Smyth PART
II: DIASPORAS Inside Out: Literature, Cultural Identity and Irish Migration to England; A.Arrowsmith States of Dislocation: William Trevor's Felicia's Journey and Maurice Leitch's Gilchrist ; L.Harte & L.Pettitt It's a Free Country: Visions of Hybridity in the Metropolis; G.Stoneham I Came All the Way from Cuba So I Could Speak Like This? Cuban and Cubanamerican Literatures in the US; N.Araújo PART
III: INTERNALIZED EXILES Border Anxieties: Race and Psychoanalysis; D.Marriott Nationalism's Brandings: Women's Bodies and Narratives of the Partition; S.Singh Internalized Exiles: Three Bolivian Writers; K.Richards Writing Other Lives: Native American (Post) Coloniality and Collaborative (Auto) Biography; S.Forsyth 'The Limits of Goodwill': The Value and Dangers of Revisionism in Keneally's 'Aboriginal' Novels; D.Vernon PART
IV: VERSIONS OF HYBRIDITY The Trickster at the Border: Cross-cultural Dialogues in the Caribbean; P.Murray Between Speech and Writing: 'La Nouvelle Littérature Antillaise'?; S.Haigh Hybrid Texts: Family, State and Empire in a Poem by Black Cuban Poet Excilia Saldana; C.Davies Beyond Manicheism: Derek Walcott's Henri Christophe and Dream on Monkey Mountain ; J.Thieme 'Canvas of Blood': Okigbo's African Modernism; D.Richards Closing Statement: Apprenticeship to the Furies; W.Harris


NARA ARAUJO Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Havana, currently Visiting Professor, Universidad Autonama Metropolitana, Mexico City
AIDAN ARROWSMITH Lecturer in Literary Studies, Staffordshire University
CATHERINE DAVIES Professor of Spanish, University of Manchester
SUSAN FORSYTH Ph.D. student, Christ Church College, Canterbury
SAM HAIGH Lecturer in French Studies, University of Warwick
WILSON HARRIS Distinguished writer and essayist
LIAM HARTE Senior Lecturer in Irish Studies, St Mary's University College, London
C.L. INNES Professor of Postcolonial Literatures, University of Kent
WILLY MALEY Reader in English Literature, University of Glasgow
DAVID MARRIOTT Lecturer, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
LANCE PETTITT Lecturer, St Mary's University College, London
DAVID RICHARDS Senior Lecturer in English and Deputy Director of the African Studies Unit, University of Leeds
KEITH RICHARDS Lecturer in Spanish, University of Leeds
SUJALA SINGH Lecturer in English, University of Southampton
GERRY SMYTH Lecturer in Cultural History, Liverpool John Moores University
GERALDINE STONEHAM Senior Lecturer, South Bank University
JOHN THIEME Professor and Head of English Studies, South Bank University
DENISE VERNON Teacher of Drama and Cultural Studies, University of Salford


'...a timely and important collection of essays which challenges the intellectual and disciplinary borders of postcolonialism while attending to a variety of literatures often neglected in studies of postcolonial culture...As well as constituting a busy and intelligent contribution to the field, Comparing Postcolonial Literatures shows the way forward for postcolonial studies by pushing against its disciplinary borders in a healthy spirit of self-critique and innovation.' - John McLeod, University of Leeds
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