Japan and China: Mutual Representations in the Modern Era

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Juli 2000



The study of modern China and Japan have separately become major arenas of scholarship over the past three decades in the west, but little work has been done that brings these two histories together for the period prior to the twentieth century. This work does just that. Many of these texts were built on fanciful embellishments of stories that migrated from one land to the other, but the unique qualities of the Sino-Japanese cultural bond seem to have conditioned the interaction.


Masuda Wataru (1903-1977) taught at Osaka Municipal University and Kansai University. Joshua Fogel is with the Department of History at the University of California.


Fogel's translation is quite reliable and readable, and he improves significantly on Masuda's original...this is a book that every scholarly collection, research library, and reference room should include. Journal of Asian Studies ...Joshua A. Fogel has accomplished a major feat in bringing these essays into English... -American Historical Review
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