The European Rescue of the Nation State

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Juli 2005



This newly revised and updated second edition is the classic economic and political account of the origins of the European Community. On one level it is an original analysis of the forces which brought the EC together, on another it is an explanation based on historical analysis of the future relationship between nation-state and the European Union. Combining political with economic analysis, and based on extensive primary research in several countries, this book offers a challenging interpretation of the history of the western European state and European integration.


Alan S. Milward is Professor of Contemporary History at the European University Institute, Florence and official historian and Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics.


"This volume is very strongly recommended for upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty."
-"Choice, 06/00
"Reviews of the first edition: ."
"The enormity of what he has accomplished cannot be contested. Milward has produced a marvelously intelligent reappraisal that examines and analyzes Europe's affirmation of the nation-state as the cardinal organizing unit of mid-century society...mandatory reading for all interested scholars...no other book has given us as definitive an account or as compelling an interpretation as does Milward's prodigious feat of historical scholarship."
-"American Historical Review
"Well written, thought provoking."
-"New Statesman and Society
..."as a challenging study of the origins of supranational Europe in the economic sphere this will not easily be bettered."
-"German Politics
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