Caliban's Reason: Introducing Afro-Caribbean Philosophy

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"Caliban's Reason" introduces the general reader to Afro-Caribbean philosophy. In this ground-breaking work, Paget Henry traces the roots of this discourse in traditional African thought and in the Christian and Enlightenment traditions of Western Europe. Since Afro-Caribbean thought is inherently hybrid in nature and marked by strong competition between its European and African orientations, Henry highlights its four main influences--traditional African philosophy, the Afro-Christian school, Poeticism and Historicism--as his organizing principle for discussion. Offering a critical assessment of such writers as Wilson Harris, Derek Walcott, Edward Blyden, C.L.R. James and George Padmore, "Caliban's Reason" renders a much-needed portrait of Afro-Caribbean philosophy and fills a significant gap in the field.


Paget Henry is Professor of Africana Studies and Sociology at Brown University. He is author of Peripheral Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Antigua (1985) and co- editor of Newer Caribbean: Decolonization, Democracy and Development (1983) and C.L.R. James' Caribbean (1992).


..."this volume is a cutting-edge contribution to the debate on African ethnophilosophy."
"Paget Henry refines the intellectual life of the Caribbean like an alchemist [which results] in a high level of sophistication and reflexivity. The result is both a revealing work of intellectual history, and a new impetus in philosophy."
-Randall Collins, author of "The Sociology of Philosophies: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change
..."will provoke lively discussion and stimulate a healthy debate about the process and content of Caribbean creolization and philosophy."
-Roberto Marquez, William R. Kenan Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Mount Holyoke College
..."this volume is a cutting-edge contribution to the debate on African enthophilosophy.."
-T.L. Lott, San Jose State University
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