Contesting Global Governance: Multilateral Economic Institutions and Global Social Movements

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The contest to shape global governance is increasingly being conducted on a number of levels and among a diverse set of actors. This book argues that increasing engagement between international institutions and sectors of civil society is producing a new form of international organization. The authors study the relationship between the IMF, World Bank, and World Trade Organisation, and environmental, labor, and women's movements, providing a rich analysis of the institutional response to social movement pressure.


Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. Contesting global governance: multilateralism and global social movements; 2. The World Bank and women's movements; 3. The World Trade Organisation and labour; 4. The World Bank, the World Trade Organisation and the environmental social movement; 5. The International Monetary Fund and social movements; 6. Complex multilateralism: MEIs and GSMs; References; Index.


"empirically rich" Foreign Affairs "...[the book] usefully highlights the unresolved tensions between state-sponsored institutions and growing transnational civic activism." Foreign Affairs "useful study...the analysis is refreshing...this book remains useful for scholars of social movements." The Georgetown Public Policy Review Fall 2001
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