Priorities for the Conservation of Mammalian Diversity: Has the Panda Had Its Day?

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Juli 2000



Scientific yet accessible review of mammalian conservation as a model demonstrating wider issues in conservation.


Foreword, Acknowledgements, Preface Earl of Cranbrook; 1. Mammal conservation: current contexts and opportunities Abigail C. Entwistle, Simon Mickleburgh and Nigel Dunstone; 2. Ecological roles of mammals: the case of seed dispersal Ellen Andresen; 3. Patterns and processes in contemporary mammalian extinction Georgina M. Mace and Andrew Balmford; 4. Charismatic megafauna as 'flagship species' Nigel Leader-Williams and Holly Dublin; 5. Assessing large 'flagship species' for representing the diversity of sub-Saharan mammals: Using hotspots of total richness, hotspots of endemism and hotspots of complementary richness Paul Williams, Neil Burgess and Carsten Rahbek; 6. Abundance/mass relationships as a potential basis for establishing mammal conservation priorities Stephen Harris, Graeme McLaren, Mary Morris, Patrick A. Morris and Derek Yalden; 7. Small mammals and the conservation agenda Abigail C. Entwistle and Peter J. Stephenson; 8. Rare mammals, research and realpolitik: priorities for biodiversity and ecology? Paul W. Bright and Patrick A. Morris; 9. Does legislation conserve and does research drive policy? The case of bats in the UK Paul A. Racey; 10. British mammals: is there a radical future? David W. Macdonald, Georgina M. Mace and Steve Rushton; 11. Conservation of large mammals in Africa: What lessons and challenges for the future? Philip Muruthi, Mark Stanley Price, Protpal Soorae, Cynthia Moss and Annette Lanjouw; 12. Which mammals benefit from protection in east Africa? Tim M. Caro, Marcel Rejmanek and Neil Pelkey; 13. The role of Transfrontier Conservation Areas in southern Africa in the conservation of mammalian biodiversity John Hanks; 14. Tourism and protected areas - distorting conservation priorities towards charismatic megafauna? Harold J. Goodwin and Nigel Leader-Williams; 15. Integrating hunting and protected areas in the Amazon Richard E. Bodmer; 16. Priorities for captive breeding - which mammals should board the ark? Andrew Balmford; 17. A recipe for species conservation: multidisciplinary ingredients Anna T. C. Feistner and Jeremy J. C. Mallinson; 18. What has the panda taught us? Lu Zhi, Pan Wenshi, Zhu Xiaojian, Wang Dajun and Wang Hao; 19. Never say die: fighting species extinction Kathy Mackinnon; 20. The practical approaches for including mammals in biodiversity conservation Jeffrey A. McNeeley; 21. Future priorities for mammalian conservation Abigail C. Entwistle and Nigel Dunstone; References, Index.


'... of particular interest to those who are involved in funding, evaluating and developing conservation programmes, both at the species and ecosystem levels. It will also provide a good reference to the ongoing debate of the role of flagship species in biodiversity conservation.' Jonathan D. Ballou, Animal Behaviour '... balanced, clearly expressed and well argued. Ideally it will find a place in research laboratories internationally.' The Australian '... an excellently-structured and highly readable book that deserves wide readership by all those involved in conservation science and also by those considering an entry into this vital field.' Adrian Barnett, Primate Eye
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