Perception, Knowledge and Belief: Selected Essays

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April 2003



This collection of essays by eminent philosopher Fred Dretske brings together work on the theory of knowledge and philosophy of mind spanning thirty years.


Part I. Knowledge: 1. Conclusive reasons; 2. Epistemic operators; 3. The pragmatic dimension of knowledge; 4. The epistemology of belief; 5. Two conceptions of knowledge: rational vs. reliable belief; Part II. Perception and Experience: 6. Simple seeing; 7. Conscious experience; 8. Differences that make no difference; 9. The mind's awareness of itself; 10. What good is consciousness; Part III. Thought and Intentionality: 11. Putting information to work; 12. If you can't make one, you don't know how it works; 13. The nature of thought; 14. Norms and the constitution of the mental; 15. Minds, machines, and money: what really explains behavior.


'These essays are models of good philosophical writing. they are intricately argued, without ever being tortuous, profound yet without a hint of affectation, and boldly programmatic, while displaying care over details. Above all they are durable contributions to the subject.' Mind
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