Ruling the World: Power Politics and the Rise of Supranational Institutions

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April 2000



""Ruling the World" is based on a powerful insight. The arguments by Gruber are made very rigorously, and the research is carefully done. There are few works in the field of integration and institutions that have the scope of this book.... Gruber also writes very well and tells a great story. His style is simple, direct, and engaging. The book would be terrific for both graduate and undergraduate audiences."--James Caporaso, University of Washington.


LIST OF FIGURES ix LIST OF TABLES xi PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xiii 1. Introduction: From Anarchy to Organization 3 PART I: WHY DO NATIONS COOPERATE? 13 2. Institutions, Collective Action, and the Prospect of Mutual Gain 15 3. Winners and Losers: The Case for Theoretical Reorientation 33 PART II: HOW DO NATIONS COOPERATE? 59 4. The Efficiency Rationale for Supranational Governance 61 5. Broadening the Debate: The "Power Politics" of Institutional Design 81 PART III: NORTH AMERICAN TRADE 93 6. Jump-Starting the Free Trade Bandwagon 95 7. NAFTA and Beyond: Is Free Trade Contagious? 122 PART IV. EUROPEAN MONEY 169 8. Winners and Losers in the European Monetary System 171 9. Rigging the System: Why Did the EMS Take the Form It Did? 213 PART V. CONCLUSIONS 249 10. Rethinking International Cooperation 251 BIBLIOGRAPHY 279 INDEX 307
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