Warfare at Sea, 1500-1650

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November 1999



"Warfare at Sea" is the first truly international study of warfare at sea in this period. Jan Glete places the history of warfare at sea within a readable, modern framework, bringing together historical research and analyzing questions on war, statebuilding, strategy and tactics, and economic and technological change.
Commencing in the late fifteenth century with the introduction of gunpowder in naval warfare and rapid transformation of maritime trade, the book focuses on the scope and limitations of war before the advent of big battle fleets from the middle of the seventeenth century.
The book also compares the social history of seamen and the early officer corps in several European countries.
"Warfare at Sea" is essential reading for those interested in early modern history in general and in economic and naval history in particular.


Jan Glete is Lecturer in History at Stockholm University in Sweden, and his books include Navies and Nations: Warships, navies and state building in Europe and America, 1500-1860.


"In making these European-wide thematic surveys, Glete creates a stimulating synthesis of recent scholarly literature, citing works in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Portuguese. Many of the findings contained in these works have not been considered in the English-language literature for this period.... Glete presents an intriguing argument that progress in maritime affairs in this period was uneven...."
-John B. Hattendorf, United States Naval War College
"Readers are provided with succinct summaries of all important naval tactics, military strategies, and sea battles, changes in maritime technology, commercial structures and states, and the major historiographical debates. The result is an expert, concise account of a large topic with a clear thesis. --James D. Alsop, "International Journal of Maritime History."
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