Computer Speech Technology

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Written for a broad range of nontechnical professionals who need a better understanding of computer speech technology, this book is the first to provide a truly understandable nontechnical overview of all the major areas in the computer processing of human speech. The book's intuitive approach uses illustrations, analogies, and both historical and state-of-the-art descriptions to explain relatively profound concepts.


About Speech - Introduction. How Speech Is Produced. Acoustic Phonetics. Phonemics. Articulatory Processes. Representing Speech in the Computer - Introduction. Microphones. Sampling. Speech Digitization. The Frequency Domain. Speech Recognition - Introduction. Speech Recognition: What It Is; What It Isn't. Why Speech Recognition Is Easy for Us and Difficult for Our Computers. Brief History of Speech Recognition. Three Dimensions of Speech Recognition. Units of Speech Recognition. Representing the Units. Comparing the Units. Future Challenges I. Errors. Performance Evaluation of Speech Recognizers. Error Reduction. Error Detection and Correction. Future Challenges II. Speech Synthesis - Introduction and History. Parametric Coding. Concatenative Synthesis. Text-to-Speech Processing. Concept-to-Speech. Performance Evaluation. Future Challenges. Speaker Recognition, Language Identification, and Lip Synching - Introduction to Speech Classification Problems. Speaker Recognition versus Speech Recognition. Types of Speaker Recognition. Text Dependent, Text Independent, and Text Prompted Speaker Recognition. Voiceprints. Methods of Speaker Recognition. Performance Evaluation of Speaker Recognition Systems. Future Challenges I. Language Identification. Future Challenges II. Lip Synch. Future Challenges III. Applications in Speech Recognition - Criteria for a Good Application. Damping Enthusiasm: 2001 Won't Be 2001. Human Factors. Application Areas. Applications in Speech Synthesis At the Tone, the Time Will Be When To Use Text-to-Speech; When To Use Digitized Speech. Application Areas. Applications of Speaker Recognition, Language Identification, and Lip Synching - Applications in Speaker Recognition. Applications in Language Identification. Applications in Lip Synching. Glossary.


Robert D. Rodman is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from UCLA. Dr. Rodman is the author or co-author of three books, including Voice Recognition (Artech House, 1997, 0-89006-927-1).
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