Privatization, Corporate Governance and the Emergence of Markets

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The volume focuses on privatisation in transition countries, addressing issues ranging from corporate governance to the relationship between privatisation and the emergence of markets, from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The contributors investigate both the theoretical groundwork of privatisation and enterprise restructuring as well as recent empirical evidence. The contributions show that changes in ownership titles are but one part of the story, being closely interwoven as they are with the transformation of corporate governance, enterprise restructuring, network transformation and the emergence of markets.


Acknowledgements List of Contributors Privatisation in Context: An Introduction; E.F.Rosenbaum, F.Bönker & H.J.Wagener PART
I: THE POLITICAL AND FISCAL DIMENSION OF PRIVATISATION Polish Mass Privatisation: Success or Failure?; R.Gesell On the Political Economy of Privatisation in Eastern Germany; U.Siegmund Fiscal Aspects of Privatisation: The Paradox of Privatisation Revenues; D.Süb PART
II: PRIVATISATION, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND ECONOMIC RESTRUCTURING Changing Models of Corporate Governance in OECD Countries; P.W.Moerland Corporate Governance - A Systemic Approach with an Application to Eastern Europe; R.Heinrich Empirical Analysis of Corporate Governance in Transition; W.Carlin Privatisation and Corporate Governance in Transition Countries: Beyond the Principal-Agent Mode; W.Andreff Corporate Governance During and After Privatisation: The Lessons from Hungary; P.Mihályi Banks and the Privatisation of Enterprises in Poland; R.Chudzik Manager Incentives and Turnover of Managers: Evidence from the Czech Republic; S.Claessens & S.Djankov The Relationship Between FDI, Privatisation and Structural Change in Central and Eastern European Countries; G.Hunya PART
III: PRIVATISATION AND THE EMERGENCE OF MARKETS Transforming Socialist Networks; M.Keren Towards a Theory of Markets - Networks, Communication and Knowledge; E.F.Rosenbaum Direct Foreign Investment and the Evolution of Markets in Central and Eastern Europe; K.Meyer References Index


WLADIMIR ANDREFF Université de Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne
WENDY CARLIN University College London
ROBERT CHUDZIK Frankfurt Institute for Transformation Studies, European University Viadrina
STIJN CLAISSENS World Bank, Washington, DC
SIMEON DJANKOV World Bank, Washington, DC
RAINER GESELL Frankfurt Institute for Transformation Studies, European University Viadrina
RALPH HEINRICH Institute for World Economics, Kiel
MICHAEL KEREN Hebrew University, Jerusalem
KLAUS MEYER Copenhagen Business School
PÉTER MIHALYI Central European University, Budapest
PIETER W. MOERLAND Tilburg University
UWE SIEGMUND Institute for World Economics, Kiel
DIRCK SÜB Frankfurt Institute for Transformation Studies, European University Viadrina
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