Decision Points: Boolean Logic for Computer Users and Beginning Online Searchers

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Februar 1999



Teach students valuable information retrieval skills and build information literacy with this excellent guide and activity book. Along with a simplified explanation of Boolean logic and how it is used for online searching, it offers reproducible worksheets that lead students through decision-making and powerful strategic techniques of search process. These skills help online searchers make decisions and gain access to the desired person, place, or thing; off-line, they can be used to narrow a topic and search through library information with focus and direction. They can even be used in everyday situations, such as choosing pizza toppings. A must-buy for school libraries and computer labs, this book can also be used by classroom teachers and for independent instruction with older students and adults. A great tool for working through the cobwebs of online searching.


?Provide[s] a unique approach to the development of searching strategy and information management skills in this day of information overload. Specifically designed for young people, the simply presented concepts are equally useful to adults.?-Christian Library Journal
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