Computer Networks and Systems

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This text, intended for a first course in performance evaluation, is a self-contained treatment covering all aspects of queuing theory. It starts by introducing the terminology and usefulness of queuing theory and continues by considering Markovian queues in equilibrium, Little's law, reversibility, transient analysis, and computation, and the M/G/I queuing system. A subsequent chapter covers the product form solution for networks of queues, presenting a new and clear topological explanation for its existence, and presents case studies of distributed queuing networks arising in industrial applications. The final chapters explain techniques four numerical solutions, such as the convolution algorithm and mean-value analysis; discuss the panacea technique, discrete time queuing systems and simulation; and describe the new area of stochastic Petri networks. An appendix reviews probability theory.


1. The Queueing Paradigm;
2. Single Queueing Systems;
3. Networks of Queues;
4. Numerical Solution of Models;
5. Stochastic Petri Nets;
6. Discrete Time Queueing Systems;
7. Network Traffic ModelingAppendix: Probability Theory Review; References; Index
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