Prostitution and Sexuality in Shanghai: A Social History, 1849 1949

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September 2010



Henriot portrays the sex trade in Shanghai, from the life of the courtesan to street prostitution.


Introduction: prostitution and sexuality: a historiographical review; 1. The courtesans from the nineteenth to the twentieth centuries: the end of a world; 2. Lives of splendor and wretchedness; 3. From the high class brothel to mass sexuality: the explosion of common prostitution from 1849 to 1949; 4. The ancillary forms of prostitution; 5. The prostitutes in the twentieth century: an essay in social anthropology; 6. Sex, suffering and violence; 7. The female market in Shanghai and China; 8. The houses of prostitution in the urban space; 9. The organization and management of the houses of prostitution; 10.The economy of sex; 11. Disease prevention and the policing of morality; 12. The abolitionist movement in Shanghai (1915-1925); 13. The Nationalists and regulationism Chinese style (1927-1949); 14. The institutions for the rescue of the prostitutes (1880-1949); Conclusion.


' ... is a rich addition to the field'. Times Higher Education Supplement '... a brave attempt to illustrate the evolution of a complex phenomenon through the personal experience of prostitutes and clients alike.' Lars Peter Laamann, IHR Reviews in History 'Prostitution and Sexuality in Shanghai substantially adds to our understanding of the history of pre-1949 Chinese urban history, but also offers rich material for continuing comparative analysis of the history of the sex trade.' History 'Each chapter is carefully crafted and may stand by itself but, at the same time, also merges into a flowing narrative that gradually pieces together a colourful and complex mosaic where the many facets of prostitution are scrutinized ... this is an outstanding research effort based on an impressive array of sources which constitutes a solidly constructed reference work for scholars as well as general readers.' School of Oriental & African Studies
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