Dilemmas of International Trade

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September 2000



"In the post-Cold War world, trade is the new arena for competition-between nations, between groups, between ethical and theoretical ideas. In this revised and updated second edition of Dilemmas of Int"


* List of Illustrations * Acknowledgments * List of Acronyms * 1. Trade and Trade Issues * The Themes of the Book * The Importance of Trade * Concerns about the Trade Balance * Policy Alternatives * Free Trade and the Search for Competitiveness * Export Promotion and Industrial Policy * Forms of Import Restrictions * International Cooperation to Stimulate Trade * The Dilemmas of International Trade * The Distributional Dilemma * The Values Dilemma * The State Goals Dilemma * Choices for the Individual * Conclusion: Choosing a Trade Policy * 2. The Theoretical and Historical Origins of Trade Issues * Liberalism and Mercantilism * Mercantilist Trade Policy * The Corn Laws * The Roots of Mercantilism * The Demise of Mercantilism and the Birth of Liberalism * The Rise of the Market * The Advent of Free Trade Theory * The Political Conflict over the Corn Laws * Conclusion: The Triumph of Free Trade * 3. The Politics of Protectionism * Cycles of Global Mercantilism and Liberalism * The Reaction to Laissez-Faire * The Rise of the Working Class and Political Democracy * Modern Elaborations of Liberal Trade Theory * The Distributional Dilemma: The Impact of Trade on Class * The Distributional Politics of Trade Policy * The Effects of Market Dominance and Decline * Trade and the Great Depression * Conclusion: The Sources of Policy Cycles * 4. The International Politics of Trade * The Origins of Bretton Woods * Hegemonic Stability Theory and American Global Leadership * Liberal Interdependence and Peace * The Ideals and Institutions of the Bretton Woods System * The Principles of GATT/WTO * The Financial Institutions of the Bretton Woods System * The Uruguay Round of GATT * The World Trade Organization * Conclusion: Trade Dilemmas, International Institutions and the "Battle of Seattle," * 5. Neomercantilism and Bilateral Trade Issues * U.S.-Japanese Trade Tensions * The Effects of International Trade on the State * Differences in Trade Policies * Japanese Trade Policy * Strategic Trade Theory and Policy * The Different Roots of American and Japanese Trade Policy * Contemporary American Trade Policy * Recent Trade Disputes * Conclusion: The Future of American-Japanese Relations * 6. Regional Integration * The Evolution of the European Union * Integration: Liberal on the Inside and Mercantilist on the Outside * The Mercantilist Roots of the EU * The Liberal Roots of the EU * The Political Roots of the EU * The Dilemmas Posed by Exchange-Rate Policy * The Evolution of the North American Free Trade Agreement * Motivations for NAFTA * The Dilemmas in NAFTA and the Political Response * The Dilemma of National Sovereignty * The Dilemma of Value Trade-Offs and Environmental Politics * The Distributional Dilemma and the Politics of Labor Issues * The Impact of NAFTA and the Mexican Collapse * Conclusion: Lessons from NAFTA * 7. Globalization and Outward-Oriented Development * Globalization * Trade Options for Poor Countries * Outward-Oriented Development * The Dilemmas of Outward-Oriented Development * The Coming Storm: Dilemmas Revealed * The Asian Meltdown * The Dangers of Deficits: Who's Next? * 8. Looking Ahead * Missions Reviewed * Mercantilism and Liberalism: A Summary Perspective * Future Challenges * Conclusion: Individual Choices * Discussion Questions * Notes * Suggested Readings * Glossary * About the Book and Author * Index


Bruce E. Moon is professor of international relations at Lehigh University.
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