Natural Soda Ash

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Known as one of the world's major industrial chemicals natural soda ash plays a critical role in glass and ceramics industries, production of chemicals, cleansing and bleaching, and metallurgy. Natural soda ash is also preferable to synthetic types because its production is purer and requires less energy with virtually no harmful environmental effects. Essential data on the properties, sources, processing requirements, and applications of natural soda ash fill this guide, making it valuable to both manufacturers and users. The formation, occurrence and history of natural soda ash deposits are covered along with specific chemical, physical and mineralogical characteristics. Explanations of processing techniques demonstrate how to convert soda ash into commercial products. Included are new methods and technologies for large-scale soda ash production, safe handling procedures and marketing strategies.


Deposits. The origin of soda ash deposits. Green River
formation. Rift Valley, Africa. Searles Lake drainage basin. Smaller
deposits. Other United States occurrences. Other world
Production. Green River, Wyoming. Searles Lake. Other
Other processing methods. Sodium bicarbonate production.
Soda ash uses. Handling. Health and safety. Shipment and
Production and consumption statistics. Physical data and
Analytical procedures.


a well-researched book that contains a wealth of knowledge on the subject of soda ash...this book comes as a revelation. The 625 pages of text are packed with information...an excellent basis for the search for commerciall viable naturally occurring deposits - Geological Magazine
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