Floods of Fortune: Ecology and Economy Along the Amazon

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August 2000



As the depredation of the planet's greatest storehouse of biodiversity-the Amazon region-continues apace, it is vitally important to understand the implications of the immense devastation the area has undergone. Describing the stunning diversity of plant an animal life found in and along the rivers, and showing how this wealth is being plundered, Floods of Fortune offers the first holistic view of the conservation drama unfolding in the Amazonian floodplain. Enriched with nearly 100 beautiful and arrested color photographs as well as an investigation of the cultural history of the region's human habitation, the book helps readers comprehend the complex environmental and social problems associated with Amazonian development and offers solutions that reconcile development with conservation.


Michael Goulding, Nigel J.H. Smith, and Dennis Mahar


"This is a beautiful book... The photographs of nature and [the] informative discussion of how the river system works will capture the imagination of most readers." -- Robert Mendelsohn, Ecoscience
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