Indecent Theology

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Dezember 2000



By examining the dialectics of decency and indecency and exploring a theology of sexual stories from the margins, this book brings together for the first time Liberation Theology, Queer Theory, post-Marxism and Postcolonial analysis are brought together in an explosive mixture. "Indecent Theology" is an out of the closet style of doing theology and shows how we can reflect on the Virgin Mary and on Christology from sexual stories taken from fetishism, leather lifestyles and transvestism. It is based on the sexual experiences of the poor, using economic and political analysis while unveiling the sexual ideology of systematic theology.


'This is imaginative theology at its best - theoretically challenging, politically inspired and physically embodied ... it beautifully disturbs and sets a new agenda for a 'Queer' theology ... to embrace the world of unknown and unexplored theological desires.' - Jeremy Carrette, University of Stirling, Literature and Theology
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