Languages in Britain and Ireland

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This volume provides updated and expanded entries on the established languages of Britain and the Republic of Ireland, as well as including "community" or "immigrant" languages and British Sign Language. The focus is on historical and sociolinguistic aspects of the languages covered.


The Contributors. List of Maps and Figures. Preface. Acknowledgements. Note on References. Introduction. 1. Prehistoric Britain. (Glanville Price) 2. Irish in Ireland. (Cathair O Dochartaigh) 3. Irish in Early Britain. (Glanville Price) 4. Scottish Gaelic. (Kenneth MacKinnon) 5. Manx. (Robert L. Thomson) 6. British. (Glanville Price) 7. Welsh. (Janet Davies) 8. Cornish. (Philip Payton) 9. Cumbric. (Glanville Price) 10. Pictish. (Glanville Price) 11. Latin. (Glanville Price) 12. English. (Glanville Price) 13. Scots. (Jeremy J. Smith) 14. Norse and Norn. (Michael P. Barnes) 15. Flemish in Wales. (Lauran Tourians) 16. French in the Channel Islands. (Glanville Price) 17. Anglo-Norman. (D. A. Trotter) 18. Romani. (Glanville Price) 19. Community Languages. (Viv Edwards) Index.


Glanville Price is Emeritus Professor of French at the University of Wales Aberystwyth. His previous publications include "The French Language, Present and Past" (1971), "The Languages of Britain "(1984) and "the Encyclopedia of the Languages of Europe" (Blackwell, 1998). He also rewrote Byrne and Churchill's" Comprehensive French Grammar" for its fourth edition, published in 1993.
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