Handbook of HIV Prevention

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This Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the theories, methods and approaches for reducing HIV-associated risk behaviors. It represents the first single source of information about HIV prevention research in developed and developing countries. It will be an important resource for students, researchers and clinicians in the field.


Preface. Theoretical and Methodological Issues. 1. Theoretical Approaches to Individual-level Change in HIV Risk Behavior; J. Fisher, W. Fisher. 2. Diffusion Theory: a Theoretical Approach to Promote Community-Level Change; E.M. Rogers. 3. Methodological Issues in HIV Behavioral Interventions; D. Ostrow, S. Kalichman. Applications to Behavioral Interventions. 4. School-Based Interventions to Prevent Unprotected Sex and HIV among Adolescents; D. Kirby. 5. HIV Behavioral Interventions for Adolescents in Community Settings; J.B. Jemmott, III, L. Jemmott. 6. Interventions for High-Risk Youth; M. Lightfoot, M.J. Rotheram-Borus. 7. The Role of Drug Abuse Treatment in the Prevention of HIV Infection; D. Metzger. 8. HIV/AIDS Prevention for Drug Users in Natural Settings; D.D. Jarlais, et al. 9. Interventions for Sexually Active Heterosexual Women; A. O'Leary, G. Wingood. 10. Interventions to Reduce HIV Transmission in Homosexual Men; M. Ross, J.A. Kelly. 11. HIV Prevention among African American and Hispanic Men who have Sex with Men; J.L. Peterson, A. Carballo-Dieguez. 12. HIV Prevention in Developing Countries; M.H. Merson. 13. HIV Prevention in Industrialized Countries; K. Rivers, P. Aggleton. Implications of HIV Intervention Research. 14. Technology Transfer: Achieving the Promise of HIV Prevention; R.O. Valdiserri. 15. The Economics of HIV Primary Prevention; D.R. Holtgrave, S.D. Pinkerton. 16. Ethical Issues of Behavioral Interventions for HIV Prevention; S. Loue. 17. Looking Forward: Future Directions of HIV Intervention Research; R.J. DiClemente.
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