Human Rights and Gender Politics: Asia-Pacific Perspectives

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In recent years, the slogan women's rights are human rights has become a central claim of the of the global women's movement. Human Rights and Gender Politics: Asia-Pacific Perspectives examines the critical issues raised by this embracing and expansion of the human rights discourse by feminists worldwide.This volume challenges the conventional, ungendered and male-centred analysis of the politics of human rights and addresses the future of global feminisms. It is essential reading for all those interested in learning more about human rights and women's rights in the Asia-Pacific region.


1. Introduction: Gender Politics and the Reimagining of Human Rights in the Asia Pacific Maila Stivens 2. Sexual Violence, Silence, and Human Rights Discourse: The Emergence of the Military Prostitution Issue Vera Mackie 3. The State and The Women's Movement: Instabilities in the Discourse of 'Rights' in India Kalpana Ram 4. Dead Daughters, Dissident Sons, And Human Rights in China Antonia Finnane 5. The HUman Rights of Gendered Citizens: Notes from Indonesia Krishna Sen 6. Woman Ikat Raet Long Human Raet O No?: Women's Rights , Human Rights, and Domestic Violence in Vanuatu Margaret Jolly 7. 'Hear Us, Women of Papua New Guinea!': Melanesian Women and Human Rights Martha Macintyre 8. The Contemplacion Fiasco: The HAnging of a Filipino Domestic Worker in Singapore Anne Marie Hilsdon 9. Mothers of the Disappeared in tne Diaspora: Globalisation and Human Rights Beryl Langer 10. The Emergence of 'Modern' Gay Identities and the Question of Human Rights Dennis Altman


'This book is a wonderful resource for all interested in this area and a model for future research.' - International Feminist Journal of Politics
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