Lessons from Library Power: Enriching Teaching and Learning

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November 1999



Share the power of our important national initiative! The profound changes instituted by the Library Power Project can also serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of your school library media center. This book offers an abundance of practical and insightful ideas for collaborative planning, flexible scheduling, collection development, professional development, and facility renovation. Compiling research findings of the project as documented in surveys of key players (library media specialists, principals, and teachers) and through direct observation in case studies across the United States, this book provides a valuable instructional model for today's schools. Essential reading for media specialists, teachers, district administrators and principals, it will also benefit students of library science and academics interested in school reform.


?Appended copies of the original surveys, numerous clearly designed tables and charts, and many practical ideas make this essential reading for anyone involved with school and library reform.?-Booklist
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