Nowhere to Grow: Homeless and Runaway Adolescents and Their Families

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Oktober 1999



This text is the result of a study of over 600 runaway and homeless adolescents and over 200 of their caretakers, who were from large to smaller cities in four midwestern states. It focuses on the family histories of these young people and on the developmental impact of early independence.


Part 1 society's forgotten children: runaway and homeless adolescents in America; the Midwest homeless and runaway adolescent project. Part 2 The family lives of runaway and homeless adolescents: the early lives of runaways; troubled generations; getting along at home - the parent/caretaker-child relationship. Part 3 Taking chances -adolescents on their own: runaway adolescents; getting by - survival strategies of runaway adolescents;getting it on - sexuality, risky sex, and pregnancy; getting hurt - victimization and trauma on the streets. Part 4 Nowhere to grow - the developmental consequences of running away: internalization problems among runaway and homeless adolescents; substance use and externalization problems among runaway adolescents; a risk-amplification developmental model for runaway and homeless adolescents; growing up on society's margins.
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