Observational Astrophysics

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Combining a critical account of observational methods (telescopes and instrumentation) with a lucid description of the Universe, including stars, galaxies and cosmology, Smith provides a comprehensive introduction to the whole of modern astrophysics beyond the solar system. The first half describes the techniques used by astronomers to observe the Universe: optical telescopes and instruments are discussed in detail, but observations at all wavelengths are covered, from radio to gamma-rays. After a short interlude describing the appearance of the sky at all wavelengths, the role of positional astronomy is highlighted. In the second half, a clear description is given of the contents of the Universe, including accounts of stellar evolution and cosmological models. Fully illustrated throughout, with exercises given in each chapter, this textbook provides a thorough introduction to astrophysics for all physics undergraduates, and a valuable background for physics graduates turning to research in astronomy.


List of illustrations; List of tables; Preface; 1. Seeing through the fog; 2. Optical telescopes; 3. Optical detectors and instruments; 4. Radio telescopes and techniques; 5. Observing at other wavelengths; 6. Interlude - pictures of the sky; 7. Coordinates and time; 8. Magnitude systems and stellar spectra; 9. Properties of stars; 10. Stellar structure and evolution; 11. Properties of galaxies; 12. Our galaxy; 13. The distribution of galaxies; 14. The distance scale of the universe; 15. The universe; 16. Postlude; Index.
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