Reconstructing Criminality in Latin America

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The only reader currently available on criminality in Latin America, Reconstructing Criminality in Latin America reconstructs the way in which different Latin American societies have viewed, described, defined, and reacted to criminal behavior. Crime in Latin America is explored in terms of gender, race, class, and criminological theory. The highly readable essays in this book explore how Catholic notions of sin, natural law, the "divine" rights of absolutist monarchs, liberal rights of "man," positivism, and social Darwinism received a sympathetic, even enthusiastic, endorsement from policy makers throughout Latin America. Reconstructing Criminality in Latin America also shows how new methodologies have given scholars deeper insight into the significance of crime in Latin American societies. The selections testify that the insights of scholars like Eric Hobsbawm and Michel Foucault are the foundations of modern histories of crime in Latin America. This book is ideal for criminal justice, sociology, and Latin American social history courses.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Conceptualizing Criminality in Latin America Chapter 2 (Hapsburg) Law and (Bourbon) Order: State Authority, Popular Unrest, and the Criminal Justice System in Bourbon Mexico City Chapter 3 Crime and Citizenship: Judicial Practice in Arequipa Peru, during the Transition from Colony to Republic Chapter 4 Mass Mobilization versus Social Control: Vagrancy and Political Order in Early Republican Mexico Chapter 5 The Crimes of Poor "Paysanos" in Midnineteenth-Century Buenos Aires Chapter 6 Punishment in Nineteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro: Judicial Action as Police Practice Chapter 7 Urbanistas, Ambulantes. and Mendigos: The Dispute for Urban Space in Mexico City, 1890-1930 Chapter 8 . Not Guilty: Abortion and Infanticide in Nineteenth-Century Argentina Chapter 9 "Guided by an Imperious, Moral Need": Prostitutes, Motherhood, and Nationalism in Revolutionary Mexico Chapter 10 Police, Politics, and Repression in Modern Argentina Chapter 11 MedellIn Chapter 12 Bibliographical Essay Chapter 13 Selected Filmography


Reconstructing Criminality is a smart, coherent, and highly readable anthology that should reach a broad audience. -- Chuck Walker, University of California-Davis
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