Accelerating International Growth

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August 2001



International growth is one of the most important challenges facing companies today. For companies of all sizes and in almost all industries, building a strong international position isn't an option - it's a necessity. "Accelerating International Growth" is designed to help you - the practising manager - navigate your company's international growth. It takes a practical and direct approach to identifying challenges and recommending action. Based on a successful executive programme at IMD," Accelerating International Growth "brings together four experts in international management: Philip Rosenzweig, Xavier Gilbert, Thomas Malnight and Vladimir Pucik. Together, they explain five capabilities your company needs for successful international growth: Global strategic thinking: a process we call 'grasping the globe' Effective international partnerships: managing alliances and acquisitions Rapid staffing: expatriation and localization Global learning: using the world as your classroom Organizational adaptation: changing organizational forms Whether your company is a small or mid-size firm in the early stages of international growth, or whether you manage an established global company, "Accelerating International Growth" offers practical, clear and relevant ideas for immediate application.


Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Overview: International Growth is Everybodya s Business (P. Rosenzweig). DEVELOPING STRATEGIC CAPABILITY. Grasping the Globe (P. Rosenzweig). Crafting an International Growth Strategy (P. Rosenzweig). MANAGING GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS. Competing through Alliances and Joint Ventures (V. Pucik). Mergers and Acquisitions (V. Pucik). STAFFING THE GLOBAL COMPANY. Managing Expatriation (V. Pucik). Developing Local Talent (P. Rosenzweig). FOSTERING GLOBAL LEARNING. The Global Learning Imperative (X. Gilbert). Deploying the Domestic Business Model Internationally: The Inside--Out Approach (X. Gilbert). Stretching the Business Model Globally: The Outside--In Approach and the Learning Intent (X. Gilbert). ADAPTING THE GLOBAL ORGANIZATION. Changing Perspectives on Global Strategy and Organization (T. Malnight). Managing Subsidiary Evolution (T. Malnight). PUTTING IT TOGETHER. Accelerating International Growth -- And Succeeding (P. Rosenzweig). Contributors. Index.
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