Nation Dance: Religion, Identity, and Cultural Difference in the Caribbean

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Juli 2001



Dealing with the interplay of diverse Caribbean cultural traditions from Cuba and Jamaica to Guyana and Surinam, this book addresses some of the major contemporary issues in the study of Caribbean religion and identity. It focuses on spirituality and healing, theology in social and political context, the questions of identity and diaspora.


Contents: Acknowledgements Dancing the Nation: An Introduction Patrick Taylor I. Spirituality, Healing and the Divine 1. Across the Waters: Practitioners Speak Eva Fernandez, Yvonne B. Drakes, Deloris Seiveright 2. How Shall We Sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land? Constructing the Divine in Caribbean ContextsAlthea Prince 3. Communicating with our Gods: The Language of Winti Petronella Breinburg 4. The Intersemiotics of Obeah and Kali Mai in Guyana Frederick Ivor Case 5. Religions of African Origin in Cuba: A Gender Perspective Mar'a Margarita Castro Flores II. Theology, Society and Politics 6. Sheba's Song: The Bible, the Kebra Nagast and the Rastafari Patrick Taylor 7. Themes from West Indian Church History in Colonial and Post-Colonial Times Arthur C. Dayfoot 8. Congregationalism and Afro-Guyanese Autonomy Juanita de Barros 9. Eden After Eve: Christian Fundamentalism and Women in Barbados Judith Soares 10. Current Evolution of Relations Between Religion and Politics in Haiti La'nnec Hurbon III. Religion, Identity and Diaspora 11. Jamaican Diasporic Identity: The Metaphor of Yaad Barry Chevannes 12. Identity, Personhood and Religion in Caribbean Context Abrahim H. Khan 13. Sanfanc-n: Orientalism, Self-Orientalization and "Chinese Religion" in Cuba Frank F. Scherer 14. The Diasporic Mo(ve)ment: Indentureship and Indo-Caribbean Identity Sean Lokaisingh-Meighoo Caribbean Religions: A Selected Bibliography Contributors Index


Patrick Taylor is Associate Professor in the Division of Humanities and in the Graduate Programme in Social and Political Thought at York University, Toronto. He is past Deputy Director of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean and Editor-in-Chief of the Caribbean Religions Project. Author of The Narrative of Liberation: Perspectives on Afro-Caribbean Literature, Popular Culture and Politics and co-editor of Forging Identities and Patterns of Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, his articles have appeared in Callaloo, Studies in Religion, and other scholarly journals and books
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