Ict, Pedagogy and the Curriculum: Subject to Change

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How should teachers respond to current technology initiatives in education?This book explores the impact new information and communication technologies are having on teaching and the way children learn. The book addresses key issues across all phases of education, both in the UK and internationally.ICT, Pedagogy and the Curriculum looks at the relationship between ICT, paradigms of teaching and learning, and the way in which curriculum subjects are represented. Three principal areas are addressed: -- the wider perception of ICT in society, culture and schooling-- the challenges to pedagogy-- the way in which ICT not only supports learning and teaching but changes the nature of curriculum subjects.The tensions between the use of technology to replicate traditional practices and the possibilities for transforming the curriculum and pedagogy are explored. This book offers an original and distinctively critical perspective on the way in which we understand ICT in education.It will be of interest to all primary and secondary teachers and those in initial teacher training concerned about current technology initiatives in education and how to respond to them.


Part I The Cultural Context 1. ICT, the Demise of UK Schooling and the Rise of the Individual Learner Jack Sanger 2. Selling the Digital Dream: Marketing Educational Technology to Teachers and Parents David Buckingham, Margaret Scanlon and Julian Sefton-Green 3. 'Hybrid Vigour': Reconciling the Verbal and the Visual in Electronic Communication Ilana Snyder Part II Pedagogy and ICT 4. Something Old Something New...:Is Pedagogy Affected by ICT? Avril Loveless, Glenn L Devoogd and Roy Bohlin 5. Technology as Material Culture: A Critical Pedagogy of 'Technical Literacy' Donna Lecourt 6. Science Beyond School: Representation or Re-presentation? Roy Hawkey Part III ICT and the Curriculum 7. Analogue Clock/Digital Display: Continuity and Change in Debates about Literacy, Technology and English Viv Ellis 8. Information and Communication Technologies and Representation of Mathematics Michelle Selinger 9. ICT and Science Education: New Spaces for Gender Katrina Muller 10. What Effect Will Digital Technologies have on Visual Education in Schools Steve Long 11. Music Education in a New Millennium Robert Mawuena Kwami


'This book deserves a wider readership than its title suggests. The chapters are self-contained for those who wish to dip in and out, but offer a coherent whole for those who seek a more theoretical treatment.' - Angela McFarlane, Times Educational Supplement
'This book made me stop and think. Like many teachers of "traditional" subjects faced with the challenges of ICT, I had never fully articulated my sense of the potential of the new technologies to improve teaching and learning, nor had I ever completely thought through my intuitions about the cultural, educational and commercial contexts that have framed my activity. Each paper in this collection has made something click into place for me - I left my reading with a much clearer sense of what I've been trying to do with ICT in the classroom. This book should be mandatory reading in every school and teacher training institution.' - Harry Dodds, International Journal of Media Education
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