Mechanical and Structural Vibrations: Theory and Applications

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Januar 2001



This book provides a new viewpoint for the study of vibrations exhibited by mechanical and structural systems. Tight integration of mathematical software makes it possible to address real world complexity in a manner that is readily accessible to the reader. It offers new approaches for discrete system modeling and for analysis of continuous systems. Substantial attention is given to several topics of practical importance, including FFT's experimental modal analysis, substructuring concepts, and response of heavily damped and gyroscopic systems.


aeo Equations of Motion for Discrete Systems aeo Transient Response of One--Degree--of--Freedom Systems aeo Steady--State Response to Harmonic Excitation aeo Modal Analysis of Multi--Degree--of--Freedom Systems aeo Harmonic Exicatation of Multi--Degree--of--Freedom Systems aeo Vibration of Elastic Bars: The Ritz Method and the Rayleigh Ratio aeo Field Descriptions for Vibrating Bars aeo The Finite Element Method aeo Substructuring Concepts aeo Damped Modal Analysis aeo Modal Analysis of Gyroscopic Systems aeo Introduction to Rotordynamics aeo Calculus of Variations


"This book provides an accessible, modern approach to vibrations" (La Doc STI, May 2001) "innovative, well--written and well--produced" (The Aeronautical Journal, November 2001)
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