Skateboarding, Space and the City

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Mai 2001



Skateboarders are an increasingly common feature of the urban environment - estimated at 40 million worldwide and creating a subculture of clothes, boards, music, slang and moves. This book demonstrates that street-style skateboarding offers a critique of architecture, the city and capitalism.


Iain Borden Director of Architectural History and Theory and Reader in Architecture and Urban Culture at the Bartlett,University College London


'Those few of us in the academy engaged in writing about the sociospatial relations of skating delight in the polished arguments that Borden presents over nine logically structured, pertinent and stylishly illustrated chapters.' Cultural Geographies Borden describes the emergence of not so much a sport as a way of life ... Its relation to architecture is kept beautifully clear ... a good read.' Building Design 'Skateboarders help us to think about buildings and their use. Borden argues that they draw our attention to the city as the site of perpetual change.' The Independent 'The first academic study of skateboarding.' Dazed and Confused 'There's absolutely no way I can do [the] work justice here the book is incredibly thought-provoking, especially from the perspective of actually being a skateboarder. I highly recommend it.' Sidewalk 'A fine book that I recommend to any skateboarder who can read at a college level.' Big Brother 'Borden owes as much to 30 year The book is excellently researched and draws upon an exhaustive aumount of secondary data on skateboarding. A highly original and extremely well written text that discusses the historical and cultural meaning of skateboarding through an engagin reading of the work of Lefebvre and others. University of Sussex
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Untertitel: Architecture and the Body. 75 b&w illustrations, bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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