Strategic Nonviolent Conflict: The Dynamics of People Power in the Twentieth Century

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Dezember 1993



Nonviolent action, well planned and implemented, is shown in this lucid, timely, and compelling work to effect dramatic outcomes against opponents utilizing violence. Ackerman and Kruegler recognize that not all nonviolent efforts meet with success and they are careful to stress that a nonviolent approach involves great risks as well as opportunities. It is the effectiveness of the strategies employed which will determine whether those using nonviolent means can prevail against opponents who rely on violence in pursuit of objectives. Twelve principles of strategic nonviolence are established in this book--they serve as a conceptual foundation and enhance the prospects of success in nonviolent campaigns of resistance.


?If the world has indeed entered a new era, and if global communications make every conflict more visible and the use of military force seem more reprehensible to mankind at large, then the possiblities for successful nonviolent conflict would seem to have broadened. By analyzing the cases they present, Ackerman and Kruegler have done pioneer work in trying to show how such actions have a better chance of success.?-The Christian Science Monitor
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