Childhood, Class and Kin in the Roman World

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Juni 2001



It can be difficult to hear the voices of Roman children, women and slaves, given that most surviving texts of the period are by elite adult men. This volume redresses the balance. An international collection of expert contributors go beyond the usual canon of literary texts, and assess a vast range of evidence - inscriptions, burial data, domestic architecture, sculpture and the law, as well as Christian and dream-interpretation literature. Topics covered include:* child exposure and abandonment* children in imperial propaganda* reconstructing lower-class families* gender, burial and status* epitaphs and funerary monuments* adoption and late parenthood.The result is an up-to-date survey of some of the most exciting avenues currently being explored in Roman social history.


Suzanne Dixon, Beryl Rawson, Keith Bradley, Mireille Corbier, Janette McWilliam, Paul Weaver, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Fiona Crowe, Hanne Sigismund Nielsen, Michele George, Hugh Lindsay, Jane Gardner, Tim Parkin.


'A welcome addition to a growing body of literature that takes the Roman family as its theme.' - Greece and Rome
'All the writers have successfuly addressed at least one section of the intended large audience ... all [articles] are highly readable.' - Arctos
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