The Revolt of the Catalans

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Juni 1984



The revolution of Catalonia in 1640 was a signal event in seventeenth-century Europe. Its causes and antecedents - essential for an understanding of the revolution itelf - form the basis of Professor Elliott's study of the Spanish monarchy at this time. They throw remarkable light on the whole question of the decline of Spain in the seventeenth century from its position of pre-eminence in Europe. From the fierce suppression of Catalan bandits by their Castilian overlords during the second decade of the century, Professor Elliott traces the gradual deterioration of relations between the principality of Catalonia and the government in Madrid. He shows how Olivares, the favourite and chief minister of Philip IV, attempted to use Catalan resources to fight Spain's foreign wars, and how the growing tension led ultimately to a revolution, which he suggests played a crucial part in Spain's decline. Professor Elliott's story is almost entirely based on previously unknown documents found in the Spanish national and local archives. These sources enabled him to write the first full-scale treatment of Olivares and his policies. While exciting as a story in its own right, it also stands as a case-history of the perennial struggle between regional liberties and the claims of central governments.


List of illustrations; Preface; Key to abbreviations; 1. Castile and Aragon; 2. The ordered society; 3. The disordered society; 4. The failure of government; 5. The restoration of government, 1616-21; 6. The shadow of Castile; 7. Olivares and the future of Spain; 8. The corts of 1626; 9. The turn of the screw, 1626-32; 10. The struggle with the city, 1632-5; 11. War with France; 12. The diputacio resurgent; 13. 'The devil take the constitutions!'; 14. An army to be billeted; 15. Anarchy; 16. Revolution; 17. Catalonia and Portugal; 18. Epilogue; Appendices; Index.


' ... The Revolt of the Catalans is one of the most important contributions yet made in any language to the history of Spain in the seventeenth century.' History ' ... a really important book which illuminates a dark and interesting corner of that great problem, the decline of Spain.' The Times ' ... likely to remain one of the finest examples of Hispanic scholarship in this country.' Bulletin of Hispanic Studies ' ... a superb piece of research, revisionist in its treatment of Catalonia, pioneering in its analysis of Spain's decline, beautifully constructed and effectively written.' English Historical Review 'This is a lucidly presented work of originality and insight ... an exceptionally fine and effective book.' American Historical Review
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