Community and Gospel in Luke-Acts: The Social and Political Motivations of Lucan Theology

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Dezember 1996



Dr Esler extensively uses sociology and anthropology to examine the author of Luke Acts' theology.


Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; 1. The socio-redaction criticism of Luke-Acts; 2. The community; 3. Sectarian strategies; 4. Table-fellowship; 5. The law; 6. The Temple; 7. The poor and the rich; 8. Rome and the ancestral theme; Epilogue: community and Gospel; Notes; Index of biblical references; Index of secondary authors.


'Esler's thesis is undoubtedly one of the freshest to appear on Luke-Acts in recent years, clearly and compellingly written, complementing bold hypotheses with a wealth of detailed research and observation, and providing a careful justification of the sociological approach and an interesting application of sociological techniques and models ... provocative and challenging [it] represents a significant new approach to Lucan studies.' Journal of Theological Studies 'This book represents a significant advance in the study of the social and community setting of Luke-Acts, and repays careful reading.' Theology 'A brilliant attempt to pinpoint the purpose of Luke-Acts.' The Bible Today
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